Our Lecturers


venson ong

Mr. Venson Ong

Venson has 13 years of experience in the Business and Education industry. He obtained his Bsc Degree in Marketing from National University of Ireland.

He has been teaching at ITE Singapore ( Nitec & Higher Nitec ) programmes for the past 5 years.

He progressed on to be a franchise partner with an International Company in the recent years. He actively involved in all Internal and External Training, he conduct Training & Development for his team members and travel to Asia countries to conduct external training for his client.

He managed the Company Finances, Payroll, Marketing , Human resource and Training and Development and all aspect of Business Administration.

He is also a certified adult trainer with Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (WDA).


eisen aries

Mr. Eisen Aries

Graduated with an MBA from Murdoch University (Western Australia) in 1999, Mr Eisen specialised in marketing industrial and educational products.

For the past 10 years, he had travelled and shared his work experiences in several China, Vietnam and Singapore Colleges.

The education programs he taught included Raffles College of Design and Commerce (Degree and Diploma), TAFE (Diploma of Business), NITEC (ITE Singapore) and Cambridge IGCES (Hwa Chong International School).

He is also a certified adult trainer with Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (WDA).


danial bin dasamal

Mr. Danial Bin Dasaman

Danial brings with him extensive experience in Western Culinary, having worked for three fine dining establishments in the course of the last 7 years in leading roles in the kitchen and more recently as Sous Chef, Pidgin.

Having graduated from SHATEC in 2010, Danial achieved significant milestones during his time in the kitchen. Amongst some of his key contributions during his tenure in the kitchen, Danial trained numerous number of entry level chefs.

Also a former student in visual communications at Lasalle SIA, Danial managed to marry art into his culinary expertise. He is familiar especially with French method cooking as well as food presentation techniques.


letitia davis

Mrs. Letitia Davis

Letitia has approximately 8 years of teaching experience and has specialized in the English language. She completed her BSc Business degree with University of London.

She has vast experience teaching both international and local students as she has progressed her career in the private education field.

Letitia obtained an A1 for the GCE O Level English Paper and an A2 for the GCE A Level General Paper. She is currently a full time lecturer here at OSAC and runs the English Department for both the CELP course and the GCE O Level Preparatory course.



Ms. Rathika Krishnan Flaherty

Rathika Krishnan Flaherty has 13 years’ experience in the wide scope of the hospitality industry. She obtained her Diploma of Marketing and Public Relations in Singapore, from Thames University (UK) and furthered her education in Australia in Hospitality Management. She lived in Melbourne for 8 years building up her career in the industry.

She worked in the Mantra Group which is one of Australia’s and New Zealand's largest accommodation providers and has extended her travels to the United Kingdom, managing Northern Ireland’s first Cabaret Supper Club. She has also been involved in the setup of restaurant in Singapore.

Throughout her career Rathika has been dedicated to providing quality training. She has taught many people how to become excellent personnel (or employees) in the Food & Beverage industry.


susan christine mckenzie

Ms. Susan Christine McKenzie

A British born native trainer who has over 20 years of teaching, writing, editing and public speaking experience. Susan has co-authored two books published by a leading British publisher and is also a sub-editor at Singapore Tatler, the nation’s high society magazine.

She practised law as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore and for over 10 years was joint principal of Singapore’s leading private law school. Susan is currently an Associate Lecturer with OSAC International College.


william gomez

Mr. William Gomez

Mr William is currently the Centre Principal for SINDA STEP at Ping Yi Secondary School. He has been the Centre Principal at various STEP Centres for the last six years.

He started his teaching career at Christ Church School in 1971 and then moved on to Brunei Darussalam where he worked in the MOE for more than thirty over years as teacher, HOD and District Science Practical supervisor for the GCE O-Level examination.

He left Brunei MOE in 2004 and returned to Singapore to pack up again in June 2005 for Bina Bangsa International Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia as a Senior Science teacher teaching A and O Levels classes. After two years he returned home to Singapore. He is currently teaching GCE O-Level Chemistry subject in OSAC International College.


daniel ling

Mr. Daniel Ling

Mr Daniel Ling was previously a MOE Teaching Award holder and had the experience of teaching Science, in particular Physics, in a SAP school for a few years. He also has more than 14 years of tutoring experiences, in which he had tutored students from various top schools including Raffles Girls’ School.

Daniel possesses a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (2nd Upper Hons) from NUS, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Credit) from NIE, a MBA from Australian Institute of Business and a Master of Education from Aspen University, United States, specializing in curriculum development and outcome assessment.

Education awards as a teacher:
MOE Teaching Award Holder 2004, by MOE
Inspiring Teacher Award, 1st term 2006 and 1st semester 2007 by CHS
The Caring Teacher Awards for 2006, by NIE and Exxon Mobil.


Sitajan Sita Lee Woon Liang

Mr. Sitajan Sita Lee Woon Liang

Mr Lee have been lecturing in the O-level programme with OSAC since inception and will be teaching the Add Maths module in the new year.

He has started his working career with the Ministry of Education before relocating to China as Principal of an International School.

He has obtained his degree from NTU and currently pursuing a post-graduate Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching at the Republic Polytechnic.


School Counsellor
alice goh

Ms. Fanny Tai

School counsellor is an important part of the educational leadership and provide valuable assistance to students. As a school counsellor, Fanny Tai works closely with the school management in planning and implementing a school-wide counselling system, providing direct counselling intervention, emotional and social support to those students who are experiencing difficulties.



Our Teacher - Student Ratio is 1:25