Our Lecturers


jonathan francis lau

Mr Jonathan Francis Lau graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he had lived for 7 years. He was a former schoolteacher from Dunman and specializes in English, History and Social studies.

Jonathan also teaches English Language to local, as well as internationals students. He obtained an A+ Distinction in TESOL from the London Teachers Training College and is currently involved in the running of CELP at OSAC International College.


susan christine mckenzie

Ms. Susan Christine McKenzie

A British born native trainer who has over 20 years of teaching, writing, editing and public speaking experience. Susan has co-authored two books published by a leading British publisher and is also a sub-editor at Singapore Tatler, the nation’s high society magazine.

She practised law as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore and for over 10 years was joint principal of Singapore’s leading private law school. Susan is currently an Associate Lecturer with OSAC International College.




Roy brings a wealth of skills along with his 10 years in the Food and Beverage industry. He owns a prestigious fine dining restaurant in the heart of London. Regent's Park. He had previously set up a few restaurants as consultant in London and Vietnam. Roy, graduated with an MBA from Leicester University in the United Kingdom and BBA - Hospitality Degree from Newport University.

He has also held a managerial position in London's advertising company (C.A.S Limited) for 7 years and Business Developement Manager in London Westminster College.


alice goh

Alice Goh

Alice kick-off her career within the industry after graduating from the Singapore Hotel & Tourism Education Centre (SHATEC) with a Diploma in Pastry & Baking and Diploma in Chocolate Basic from Callebaut College (Switzerland) in 2001.. Her 13 years of experience in this industry includes providing consultancy advice on setting-up cafes and restaurants, lessons’ planning, daily running of operations, creating novelty dishes, training and counseling of students. Alice received her Certificate on Instructional Skills from the Institute Technical of Education (ITE) and Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Alice had also assisted in catering to 25,000 delegates in IMF 2003 & 2005. She had the honour of interacting with MM Mr Lee Kuan Yew , PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong as well as other ministers on various occasions from 2000 – 2004.
She has conducted theory and practical baking classes for students of Assumption Pathway School and also WSQ program for both Food Preparation and Baking Practice students. Since 2007, Alice has conducted culinary workshops (NT Elective) in various mainstream schools and private schools.


alice goh

Rathika Krishnan Flaherty

Rathika Krishnan Flaherty has 13 years’ experience in the wide scope of the hospitality industry. She obtained her Diploma of Marketing and Public Relations in Singapore, from Thames University (UK) and furthered her education in Australia in Hospitality Management. She lived in Melbourne for 8 years building up her career in the industry. She worked in the Mantra Group which is one of Australia’s and New Zealand's largest accommodation providers and has extended her travels to the United Kingdom, managing Northern Ireland’s first Cabaret Supper Club. She has also been involved in the setup of restaurant in Singapore. Throughout her career Rathika has been dedicated to providing quality training. She has taught many people how to become excellent personnel (or employees) in the Food & Beverage industry.


School Counsellor
alice goh

Fanny Tai

School counsellor is an important part of the educational leadership and provide valuable assistance to students .As a school counsellor, Fanny Tai works closely with the school management in planning and implementing a school-wide counselling system, providing direct counselling intervention, emotional and social support to those students who are experiencing difficulties .