Optional On-Job-Training (OJT)

OSAC International College will only assist to provide optional On Job Training (OJT) to students with the criteria below:

  1. Pass school internal exam (passing mark: 55%).

  2. 90% class attendance (requirement by ICA).

  3. Character (well mannered, polite and respectful).

  4. Appearance (well groom, hygienic).

  5. Attend OJT preparation class conducted by OSAC International College.

If candidate reject any offer provided after the first interview, the College will not provide the opportunity for a second interview.



Upon successfully meeting the above criteria, OSAC International College has terms and conditions for students who want to apply Training Work Permit.


Terms and conditions for students who want to apply Training Work Permit.

  1. To complete six months OJT .

  2. Unable to withdraw application once the Training Work Permit application has been submitted to Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

  3. If students’ applications for trainee work permit are unsuccessful, they have the option to complete OJT at their home country but have to submit testimonial after 6 months of completion.

  4. No further interview will be provided if student will to reject the first interview.

  5. If students decide to source for OJT opportunity on their own, students must abide to the deadline notified by OSAC International College on the notice board.

  6. Students must clear all outstanding fees to OSAC International College prior to my On- Job Training.


OJT student: Vijayan Raseswari Vishnunath (1st from left)
Chef: Mr. Louis (2nd from left)
OSAC Staff: Joreen (2nd from right)
OSAC Staff: Wendy Tang (1st from right)


Interview with: Chef Louis Tan (second from left)

Restaurant name: Zaffron Restaurant

Student Course: Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts

Intake: May 2011

Vijay (Zaffron Restaurant):
OSAC was a new experience for me. Actually I dropped out from a well known Polytechnic in Singapore. I came to Singapore to study engineering. I loved to cook when I was small and I was addicted to good food. But I’ve never thought of being a chef. But I gave it a try. I couldn’t have done it without OSAC. The training given at OSAC made my true instinct to come out of me and made me do what I was supposed to do. I am thankful I choose OSAC to study my Diploma. I thank all the guidance they gave me throughout my study. Zaffron is a good restaurant and all my chefs are well trained professionals and they guide me very well on things I do. Now I am able to do hands on food, this is because of the trust they put on me. I thank every single chef especially Chef Louis Tan & Chef Goh for trusting me and giving me a chance.
Chef Louis Tan (Zaffron Restaurant):
Well, for the start up, he was doing kind of backward cause of lack of experiment and skill. He did go through lots of hard time to build up relationship with all the colleagues. But somehow rather, he managed to click the deal with all of them. Regarding skills & knowledge wise, he is doing much more better compared to start up. Do keep up the good job and all the best in future career.


OJT student: Shah Shilp Pareshkumar (2nd from right)
Chef Stefano (1st from right)
OSAC Staff: Joreen (1st from left)
OSAC Staff: Wendy Tang (2nd from left)


Interview with: Chef Stefano (1st from right)

Restaurant name: Ochre

Student Course: Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts

Intake: May 2011

Shilp (Ochre Restaurant):
Ochre is a really nice place to work. We work like team and all chef teach me all the basic things. So I thank all Ochre Staff & also OSAC College.
Executive Chef Stefano (Ochre Restaurant):
He is very good chef. I am sure he will have a great future in this industry. He will be very welcome in my kitchen for his future.


OJT student: Peter Pratik (1st from left)
Restaurant Manager: Ms Debby (2nd from left)
OSAC Staff: Vernessa Chuah (2nd from right)
OSAC Staff: Wendy Tang (1st from right)


Interview with: Ms Debby (Restaurant Manager, second from left)

Restaurant name: Ayam Bakar Ojalali
(Ojalali means Do not forget!)

Speciality: Grilled Gurami Fish, Milk fish

Signature dish: Ayam bakar

Competitive advantage: Grilled instead of Fried food! Indonesian food are mostly fried

What is the best part of the job in restaurant?
Create new recipes, new menu and introduce the Indonesian food culture to Singapore!
How are our OSAC student performing in your restaurant?
I am glad to have Peter Pratik as a trainee in my restaurant. He studied in Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts, his knowledge and background enables him to adapt to the hectic and fast pace environment. He manage to learn almost everything in one day! What impressed me is that he is able to remember the procedures and customer orders accurately even in peak hours. He is always on the ball and willing to run the extra mile to satisfy the customers. When he makes mistakes, he will admit and correct it. That's what we as employers want!
Any other feedbacks on OSAC trainees?
I am very satisfied with OSAC candidates, I would know where to seek when I need more candidates in the future . Employers would retain employees who has good performance, Peter Pratik falls in that category. 
What comes to your mind when you think of OSAC candidates?
I would recommend OSAC students to other employers. In this service industry, we need to be customer oriented and emphasize on consistency. After these students complete their 6 months On Job Training, they have gain our product knowledge and adapt to our working environment. We know their performance level and can be confident to retain them!


Restaurant Manager: Mr Mohan (Left)
OJT student:
Deepak (Center)
OSAC Staff: Susen Yuen (Right)


Interview with: Restaurant Manager, Mr Mohan

Restaurant name: Chutney Mary (Indian Fast Food)
(Chutney Mary means My Sauce!)

Speciality: Home made Sauce

Competitive advantage: Provide outdoor catering for weddings, receptions and birthday parties. We have other branches - Thai Cuisine at Boat Quay, Vietnamese Cuisine at Holland Village, Indian Cuisien at Changi airport.

How do you rate the performance of the OJT candidate?
Good! Three words – reliable, honest and willing to learn!
What are the outstanding areas of the candidate that satisfies you?
He is very punctual and has the right working attitude. Employees in the Food Beverage and Service Industry are required to multi-task and work long hours. Deepak meets that requirement.
Any words of advice for OSAC candidates?
Whether you are at the top or bottom of an organization, be ready and willing to learn from others. Do not complain over small issues in life, see it as a stepping stone towards your goal.



Chriselda Lee - Diploma in Hotel Management

Area of attachment: Swissotel Merchant Court Front Office


“I have experienced a lot of things through the months which I was attached to the various areas in the front office. Through these six months of attachment, I really learnt that you will not always get to do things you like or meet people who you like but you are always required to treat them professionally.”

Lim She Hui - Diploma in Hotel Management

Area of attachment: Service Crew at Blue Potato Swissotel Merchant Court


“This is a very good experience for me. I have learnt how to face and dealt with problems in work and life. During this training, I have experienced things that I never know can happen which cannot be learnt in school.”

Heng Ser Jing - Diploma in food Preparation and Culinary Arts

Area of attachment: Kitchen Trainee at Swissotel Merchant Court


“I have learnt many things in my On Job Training. Learning how to communicate with other people is one of the most important thing which was not taught in school. I have also learnt how to prepare food and the different cutting skills. I have even learnt how to use a wok to cook. Sometimes I will feel stressful when there are too many things to do and learn but that is the way for me to improve myself. I am grateful and appreciative of my school for finding this hotel for my On Job Training which gives me more knowledge and improve on my skills.”


Jordan Fung Si Jong - Diploma in Hotel Management

Area of attachment: Service Crew at Ellenborough Market Café Swissotel Merchant Court


“It was really harsh at the beginning of the attachment because I got to meet many different kinds of people in this reality world. It was hard to cope but I was lucky to have good seniors who are understanding and always support me to go through my learning journey.”