osac international college

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Our Vision

Most trusted Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore

Our Mission

Empowering you with skills, knowledge and ability to transform your life through comprehensive educational guidance, student development and career planning.

Our Values


We seek to understand the needs of our students, staff and Academic Partners, to ensure that equality is practiced and to maintain a safe work and study environment.


We entrust ourselves to cultivate a conducive environment that enables our students and staff to reach their potential.


We aim to be that positive energy which invigorates our students and staff to stay on their journey of learning and working in the community.


We take pride in ensuring transparency for all our processes through open communication with our students, staff and Academic Partners.


Through our practices and activities, we want to keep our students, staff and Academic Partners engaged and interested in helping us become an IHL by choice, working towards creating educational opportunities and meaningful work for all.

Desired Culture

Here at OSAC, we believe in showing care in all aspects of work and life. Through care for our work, quality is ensured. Caring for our fellow colleagues, taking pride in what we do, maintaining mutual respect and having open communication enables us to develop the tenacity to succeed individually and as a team. We thrive as one, embracing and driving realistic changes.